(28-03-02 to 2-10-12)

"Star"livied a very happy life in Texas, USA with Kathy Smith, a female Doberman Pinscher and 2 Cardigan Corgis (a male and  a female)!
Unfortunately Star did not like the show ring but Kathy writes: "Star is happy and sassy and the sweetest of the dogs we have.  When it comes to loving you ---- she is the “Star” of that category!  She has to be touching you, well behaved, and smart as a whip and knows lots of cute little pet type tricks.   Star  is absolutely the Queen Bee in her back yard and keeps everyone in line!  Star also really likes the vacum cleaner!! She will let you vacuum her with the soft brush and loves it.  She will get to swaying back and forth against it – I think she feels like she is at the spa getting a massage! "
Thank you to the Smith's for loving Star and  giving her a wonderful life!


"Star" (7 yrs) enjoying a spring day in the garden

"Star" (7 yrs) posing in the garden with her family
"Star" (Summer's Star Attraction) 7 1/2 weeks
photo by Leslie Degner
"Star"  (Summer's Star Attraction) - aka "Bunny" 7 1/2 weeks 
photo by Crystal Tricker
"Star"  (Summer's Star Attraction) - aka "Bunny" 6 1/2 weeks


 "Star"  (Summer's Star Attraction) - aka "Bunny" 6 1/2 weeks


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