Pedigree for "Mr. Spock"
 (This pedigree shows many years of thoughtful breeding behind it with several Sires & Dams of Merit)
 Multi-BIS AM/CAN CH Summer's Dash Riprock, Am/Can SOM
3 yrs
Multi-BISS CH Maxl’s Golden Boy, SOM LOM
10.5 yrs

CH Schoolmaster's Easter Noah SOM
9 yrs ?

CH Holly Lane's Flamboyant Carlon SOM
 8 yrs
School's Simple Addition, DOM
CH Dreamweaver's Gold Lace O'Maxl, CGC CD TDI DOM
12 yrs
Multi-BIS,BISS CH Rochil's Grande Marshall SOM, LOM
11.5 yrs
CH Lucy's Gold Thread DOM
13 yrs
CAN CH Berlane's Wild Thing Stella, CD DOMC Am/Can POM
14 yrs 
Multi-BISS CH Bridgewood's B K Kahuna, Am/Can SOM LOM 
11 yrs
CH Telstar's Good Time Charlie SOM
  10.5 yrs
Ginger's Gold'N Glow (plain)
Berlane's Just Causin Kaos, DOMC LOMC Am/Can POM
(6 Can pts. -  plain, natural  eared)
9 yrs 
Multi-BIS,BISS CH Rochil's Grande Marshall SOM, LOM
11.5 yrs
CAN CH Rayshar's Summer Magic TT, CD
10.5  yrs
Mi-T's You're Still The One, Am/Can POM
(5 Am.pts)
14 yrs
 CAN CH Aracrest's Epic, Am/Can SOM
14 yrs
CAN CH Doll Announces Veni Vidi Vici,
Am/Can SOM
 9.5 yrs
CAN/NOR CH Mephisto's High Noon SOM
(article  about "High"12 yrs
Nit Noi (Norway)
11 yrs
CAN CH Aracrest's Chanel
13 + yrs
AM CH Heldenbrand's Jet  Breaker SOM, LOM
 10 yrs
Aracrest's Victorian Revival, DOM
14  yrs
AM/CAN CH Mi-T's Bit of Black and Gold
9 yrs
AM CH Cayman's Black Bart SOM
10.5 yrs
AM CH Vandown's Kings Fire Alert, SOM 
AM CH Cayman's Sweet Nandi DOM  (click on "Nandi")
 8 yrs
Mi-T's Little Bit of Gold
10 yrs
AM CH Hancock's Klondike Gold
~ 10+ yrs
Linmar's Vanilla Ice
  • where age is indicated it denotes age at death
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